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China Great Wall Museum is located within the scenic area of Badaling Great Wall, next to Great Wall Circle Cinema. It is a theme museum that exhibits the historical, military, architectural, economic and cultural and artistic features and status quo of Great Wall.
China Great Wall Museum was officially opened in September 1994. Mr. Jiang Zemin, national president at that time, handwrote the name of the museum. It has a floor area of over 4000 square meters, and a usable area of 3200 square meters. In 2007, the theme of the museum became “World Wonder• Historical Monument”, with the exhibits divided into four parts: “Over 2000 Years• Continuous Reconstruction”, “Grand Construction• Winding Ten Thousand Li”, “Inside and Outside of Great Wall• Belonging to the Same Big Family”, “The Chinese Spirit• Carried On and Forth”. The exhibits showcase the history of Great Wall, its military function and defense system, and major battles at the Great Wall, and its architectural structure and layout, and economic development and prosperity of the region along the Great Wall, and cultural and artistic works related to Great Wall, and common development and assimilation between ethnic groups inside and outside of Great Wall, and the fact that Great Wall has become a symbol of the Chinese nation after 1949, and it has been protected by the world people as a world cultural heritage site and it has an important role in the diplomatic history and tourist industry of China.
Cultural relics, samples, and pictures, graphs, cultural landscapes and models are all displayed in the museum. By means of a touch screen, and projectors and other multimedia devices, Great Wall-the symbol of the Chinese Nation-is fully introduced to the visitors.
The museum itself is a unique building, looking like a beacon tower in the outside, and the exhibits are displayed in a rolling line inside the museum. China Great Wall Museum is imbued with profound cultural knowledge, where teenagers can get to know the Great Wall and awake their sense of patriotism, and where people travel for leisure and relaxation. 
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